Keyboard Warriors

Assalam, Hi.

People nowadays (some of them - many of them) are keyboard warriors. Is it a trend now to become a keyboard warrior?

"We've right of speeches". Yes, you do, but it came with responsibilities. You don't just go and spout your dissatisfactions about people's life especially.

Ada celebrity dari berhijrah berhijab tiba2 kembali free hair because of personal reasons and people judge her, critic her, saying "masuk neraka jahanam la kau" "tak tau ke tak tutup aurat tu dosa besar?bodoh ke apa?" "ni yang backup dia ni pun nak ikut masuk neraka ke?" and yet don't you (general - could be anybody) think saying all of those mean things tak berdosa? who are we nak judge people masuk neraka ke syurga? Kita pun belum tentu masuk syurga,

Mind our attitudes first before nak judge people. Always pray for the best from Allah for other people not just for yourself. Look around, they are just like you, breath the same air, live on the same earth, look at the same sky, it's our attitudes and personalities that differ us.




Nafsu Vs Hasutan Syaitan

Assalamualaikum and Hi.
It's me again. It's been months since my last update.
Ok. Today's topic is gonna be Nafsu Vs Hasutan Syaitan.

I once heard from an Ustaz yang pada masa itu memberi tazkirah atau menjawab soalan di radio.
Katanya nak bezakan antara nafsu dan hasutan syaitan, ad caranya.

Nafsu => Tiba2 kita inginkan sesuatu (useless things, things that we didn't need) atau tiba2 masa tu kita terus decide buat perkara berdosa (tidak dirancang mostly)

Hasutan Syaitan => Kita akan rancang satu-satu. (Contoh : Hmm aku taknak la masuk kelas hari ni. Nanti aku cakap la dekat cikgu perut aku sakit. Aku pura2 la pergi sekolah dulu biar mak tak syak apa2. Lepas tu ak pergi la karaoke ke bla3).

Once dah tahu cara nak bezakan, insyaAllah bila2 je terasa nak buat dosa, terus terfikir, "Eh ni Nafsu je semua ni" "Astaghfirullah hasutan syaitan semua ni". InsyaAllah boleh belajar nak control the urge, if bukan semua pun, sikit2 pun tak apa, asalkan ada niat dan usaha dan doa. Niat sahaja pun dah dapat pahala kan guys? ;)

"Islam Is Beautiful. You Get Rewards just by Smiling."


Spitting in the Public

Assalamualaikum and hi! It's been months since my last update. I've been on job hunting because I've several months without nothing to do besides the usual houseworks. But, let's be honest, I'm just playing around and being lazy haha.

Now, the topic for this post is~~
"Spitting in the Public"

In the public,guys. P.U.B.L.I.C.

I once look outside from the car's window at the backseat while waiting for the greenlight, and I saw an elder whose car is besides our car. He just opened the door and spit outside.

And I was like "Malunya". It's kinda ironic when the perpetrator didn't feel ashamed of his action, while the others did.

If there were tourists from other countries back there that saw the whole incident, what would they think?

There is a solution. You can put a box of tissues in your car or a pack of tissues in your bags so that you can use it any time and any where. Tissues are very very very cheap. You can find them in almost any stores. Now, you shouldn't had any excuses to spit in the public. 

"Say NO to spitting in the public"


LEAGOO Elite 4

Assalamualaikum. Hi. Ever heard of LEAGOO?

LEAGOO is a well-known international brand of smart devices and ecosystems and owned by Shenzhen OTEDA Technology Co., Ltd. . They have launched many smartphones included Elite series,Lead series, Alfa series.

I first knew or heard about this brand is from my best friend from my semester 1 until now and also my roommate in my semester 4 at University. Her phone's android is outdated and she can't use WhatsApp so she decided to buy a new phone. When she's back with her new phone, she told me about this brand and I was like 'I need to go out sometimes or read news because there are a lot of things happened outside and there are new brands I've never heard or knew before.'

In my fifth semester, one of my new roommate had the same brand of smartphone and i don't even realized it until I had a better look at it. My new roommate plays COC (ClashOfClan) a lot and the phone endure it well (she played it almost 24/7 - the first thing she did after woke up is playing COC).

After I finished my Diploma, I've to buy new phone because of certain common reasons so I surveyed phones through websites. Then, I decided to buy LEAGOO Elite 4 and I did.

Sources :  Google Image & Leagoo Elite 4

I totally love it. I even give it a name, Eli (─¬rai). Eli from Elite. It came with : 

# Android 5.1 (Lollipop), 
# Display Size of 5.0 inch, 
# Camera of 8MP (Rear), 5MP (front),  
# 2400mAh Battery Capacity,
# Internal Memory of 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM,
# External Memory of Micro SD Card (T-Flash Card), MAX 64GB,
# Motion Sensor, G-Sensor.
Aside from the lacking in video shooting (the video'll turn out dark while you shoot at the dark places or under a light(bulb) or when the sun is setting. I don't know if this can be change in settings), I've no complain. This brand is the best *ThumbsUp

For more information, click LEAGOO



Heart Candies

Hi. I've found - i don't know? obsession? addiction? - interest in this small heart-shaped sugar candies. Well, they are cute and sugary. I'm not really into candies but sugar candies is an exception.
Plus this shape is cute. I was searching for phone wallpapers at Pinterest. Then, I came across candy hearts wallpaper and i'm practically drooling in my mind - not literally.

Photo Source : Google Image

Someone please tell me where i can find this keyboard! It's too adorable. I wonder whether it's edible haha.


Car Blockers

Assalamualaikum. Hi.

   Photo Source : parking-fail.com                             Photo Source : ibudget.abtimo.com

Ever had your car blocked by other ignorant owners of other cars at parking lot? I'm having this thought yang masyarakat fikir benda ni common.

"Lantak la parkir camni pun, aku dah lambat, orang lain pun buat camni"  "Malas la nak parkir jauh-jauh parkir je la, biar la blok kereta ni pun"  "Ala,aku pergi kejap je, takpe la parkir sini pun"

Yup, it's common but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Kalau kereta korang kena blok pun, korang marah, cursing semua kan? kalau yang sabar tu, alhamdulillah.

I've experienced this several times. The last one is after i had an appointment with neurology department one morning at Hospital Besar Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ), K.Terengganu. Selepas appointment session tamat, we went to our car. Guess what? Yes, ada kereta blok kereta kami. My mother have a meeting to attend that afternoon. She's fuming but I respect her ulang alik pergi lobi minta guards buat announcement for the car owner to move her/his car. But the owner sampai sudah tak datang.

Then, Alhamdulillah ada insan yang baik hati push the car away - literally move the car out of our way. Harapnya, the owner bila dah terkejut tengok kereta sendiri beralih tempat ambil pengajaran la.

Apa salahnya kita elak benda-benda macam ni, tak susah. Cuba ambil example datang awal bagi yang boleh datang awal supaya x berebut parkir and ada aje yang sanggup parkir kat lain walaupun jauh sebab tak nak block kereta orang lain. It means these people respect hak orang lain. Why can't you do the same thing?

Knowledge will give you power, but character respect - Bruce Lee

The respect you show to others (or lack there of) is an immediate reflection on your self respect



Hi. This one is a film I just recently watch. Coraline is a 2009 American stop-motion animated 3D dark fantasythriller film based on Neil Gaiman's 2002 novel of the same name. The plot is superb. It's really creepy but awesome kind of creepy.

Sources : Wikipedia & Google Image


The Gods Must Be Crazy II

Hi. This is a real deal one, really funny. Hahahha have to watch this

Photo Source : Pinterest


Food Allergies

Assalamualaikum. I had food allergies issues and still am.

I'm a student and I just finished my Diploma - waiting for degree application result. I've food allergies - seafood, food with a lot MSG, belacan, budu, tempoyak, durian, anchovies, mutton and etc. My allergies are getting worse. Just by eating anchovies, one of my eyes would become swollen, watery and itchy.

Until I was 18, my diet has been taken care of by my mom. When i entered university, how i'm gonna take care of my diet when I've to buy food from cafeteria and other sellers?

I once had a fever and slept for 16 hours (had to force myself to wake up to eat, bath and other things) just because my food (Nasi Goreng Cina) had been cooked with prawn. It didn't came to my mind that the cook would cook it with prawns because usually NGC were cooked with chicken. It's partly my fault because I didn't ask and I didn't tell them that I've allergies.

1. To Generous Cooks / Sellers
     Please make a system / environments where you asked customers every time you take their orders whether they have allergies / illness (hearts disease, diabetes, high blood pressure). This way you can earn your customers trusts. Both sides win. 1-1. Learn how to cook healthy and delicious food, you have nothing to lose, that way you can cook the meals for your family using things you have learned.

2. To Precious Customers with Allergies / Illness
     Kindly tell the cook / sellers that you've allergies or any illness with strict diet. You also can asked them what's the ingredients for your own / beloved precautions.

"Mencegah lebih baik daripada merawat"