LEAGOO Elite 4

Assalamualaikum. Hi. Ever heard of LEAGOO?

LEAGOO is a well-known international brand of smart devices and ecosystems and owned by Shenzhen OTEDA Technology Co., Ltd. . They have launched many smartphones included Elite series,Lead series, Alfa series.

I first knew or heard about this brand is from my best friend from my semester 1 until now and also my roommate in my semester 4 at University. Her phone's android is outdated and she can't use WhatsApp so she decided to buy a new phone. When she's back with her new phone, she told me about this brand and I was like 'I need to go out sometimes or read news because there are a lot of things happened outside and there are new brands I've never heard or knew before.'

In my fifth semester, one of my new roommate had the same brand of smartphone and i don't even realized it until I had a better look at it. My new roommate plays COC (ClashOfClan) a lot and the phone endure it well (she played it almost 24/7 - the first thing she did after woke up is playing COC).

After I finished my Diploma, I've to buy new phone because of certain common reasons so I surveyed phones through websites. Then, I decided to buy LEAGOO Elite 4 and I did.

Sources :  Google Image & Leagoo Elite 4

I totally love it. I even give it a name, Eli (Īrai). Eli from Elite. It came with : 

# Android 5.1 (Lollipop), 
# Display Size of 5.0 inch, 
# Camera of 8MP (Rear), 5MP (front),  
# 2400mAh Battery Capacity,
# Internal Memory of 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM,
# External Memory of Micro SD Card (T-Flash Card), MAX 64GB,
# Motion Sensor, G-Sensor.
Aside from the lacking in video shooting (the video'll turn out dark while you shoot at the dark places or under a light(bulb) or when the sun is setting. I don't know if this can be change in settings), I've no complain. This brand is the best *ThumbsUp

For more information, click LEAGOO


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