Keyboard Warriors

Assalam, Hi.

People nowadays (some of them - many of them) are keyboard warriors. Is it a trend now to become a keyboard warrior?

"We've right of speeches". Yes, you do, but it came with responsibilities. You don't just go and spout your dissatisfactions about people's life especially.

Ada celebrity dari berhijrah berhijab tiba2 kembali free hair because of personal reasons and people judge her, critic her, saying "masuk neraka jahanam la kau" "tak tau ke tak tutup aurat tu dosa besar?bodoh ke apa?" "ni yang backup dia ni pun nak ikut masuk neraka ke?" and yet don't you (general - could be anybody) think saying all of those mean things tak berdosa? who are we nak judge people masuk neraka ke syurga? Kita pun belum tentu masuk syurga,

Mind our attitudes first before nak judge people. Always pray for the best from Allah for other people not just for yourself. Look around, they are just like you, breath the same air, live on the same earth, look at the same sky, it's our attitudes and personalities that differ us.