Apology from Me

Assalam. Hi.

Been wondering why tiba2 "eh minah ni tetibe rajin update blog, apsal ek". yeahhh, i'm on my sem break, wohooo!!

Dah takde kerja nak buat, so layan blog yang dah berhabuk ni. Sorry yang mana ada comments bertanya tak terjawab, I can give my reasons, it's up to you to believe me or not though ..

i) Phone notifications tak masuk - Yeah, sometimes masuk, sometimes nope. Usually Google will inform me through gmail and the notifications will notify me but yup the word 'SOMETIMES' is not the same with 'EVERY TIME' guys.

ii) I've replied or update this and that but when the word 'LOST CONNECTION' appeared, I practically can do nothing about it, and the next time, abracadabra i just forgot to try again. The irony of forgetful me.

iii) I just started my degree life, as you know it's not easy to adapt with new environments, find new friends, adapt with the systems at other Uni. My current university's system is totally different with my previous university's and I kinda had hard times to cope with that. It's even harder to find new friends as +90% of them are younger than me. I don't even had times to go out with friends most of the times, Every day, Quizzes Tests Tutorials Presentations Assignments Trainings Meetings OrganizingEvent Reports. I mostly had trainings 4-5 times a week from 9p.m to 1a.m. and after that I studied for tests or quizzes and done assignments and things. Sometimes we'll have meetings after trainings for our event. But, I'm happy. Makes me feel alive and dying at the same time hahaha...

Again, I'm really sorry, saya betul-betul minta maaf kepada yang saya tak ter reply soalan or lambat reply, or you ask me to update this and that and there's no respond from me, I have reasons, bukan saje duduk goyang kaki gelak macam setan baca your comments and ignore. Nope, I can't promise you that I'll go through my blogs every day or week. If anything, just contact me through FB / Twitter / Instagram.

Thank You.

Have a nice day.



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