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Assalam. Hi.

Ok,events organizers, korang nak design baju or lebih tepat nak tempah baju for your events? Haa sini nak habak. Today saya nak promote seorang humble uncle punya business ni - Ana Muqmin (saya x dibayar untuk promote Tauke ye, saya promote sebab service dia bagus ^_^).

Dia punya main activity - cetak baju, design baju. His shop is in front of SIF (Ibrahim Fikri) or the exact address is 15452, Jalan Fikri, Bukit Tok Beng, 21300, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.

Saya suka jadi projects/events organizer and for my latest event ni we decide to design shirts for our events for organizers. So, kebetulan, at that time, ada satu festival konvokesyen (if i'm not mistaken) at my Uni, and Tauke sells his shirts at one of the booths there. I ask him the details and proceed to make the deal with him.

You can even ask for him to design the shirts, no problem, but korang kena faham la kalau tauke lambat reply whatsapp or message,hormat his schedule and dia kena jaga anak-anak dia kecil2 lagi. But so far, Tauke is friendly and easy to negotiate with. You can even bargain with him and actually I don't even bargain with him but still Tauke turunkan harga. He's all smile =)   Conclusion nya, service dia tiptop *thumbs up*

Interested? Just contact Tauke Ana Muqmin through Call / WhatsApp / FB / Instagram.


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